Coffee Maker

photo-4Boy, am I going to need this tomorrow.  I got a Verissmo coffee maker for Christmas.  It is so cool.  It makes me Starbucks mochas at my house.  After 2 weeks off of school, I have to get up tomorrow at 5:40.  I may have a mocha before I leave and take one to go.  I put 2 espresso pods in the machine and have mocha mix in my cup and then I hit brew.  I like mine iced, so then I put in milk and ice.  Everyone is welcome to come over for lattes.  I also have vanilla and caramel syrup for lattes.

I had an MRI over my winter break and a teeth cleaning; I was under anesthesia for this.  They might have screwed up my MRI.  It showed that my catheter is still in place, but I already knew that.  Sheldon wanted to watch my spinal fluid flow, but that wasn’t in the report.  Hope I don’t have to do another one.

I got to see lots of friends over break.  My grandmother came to town to go to the Christmas symphony and dinner at Willie G’s with me.  I got to go on the train at DIA 2 times because I got gate passes to see my dad and my grandmother off.  I got Adele and Alan, so it was a good mix.

I’m already trying to get out of going to school tomorrow, but I will get to see a lot of people that I have missed, so it won’t be so bad.  Here’s to many mochas.  Happy New Year!!!


Hope You Had a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

Created with Nokia Smart CamThanksgiving was great for me because I got to meet my new cousin, Katie, from China and eat a great meal.  I got to see some of my relatives in Colorado Springs and some from Albuquerque.  We ate lots of good food and had fun catching up.

Katie came up to stay at my house.  I watched her eat a lot of leftover turkey and some strawberries when she got to my house.  That girl can eat a lot and she is only about 3.

I took Katie and my aunt and uncle downtown to see all the cool lights and to eat at Steuben’s (one of my favorites).  Luckily, my uncle left his BBQ leftovers at my house.  I hope I get to see them again soon.

What a great long weekend!

Unified Basketball

jerseyI have this great teacher who got me started on the Unified Basketball team.  Unified Basketball is for kids with disabilities and regular kids.  All the kids get to play together.  It is really cool.

I’m going to manage the team with Mr. Z and a couple of cute girls.  We are going to practice every Wednesday from 3-4.  The games will start in January and we may get to play at a Nuggets game at halftime.

I’m really glad that I am part of the team.

Coffee Cart

bruincupA group of special needs students and their teachers started this coffee cart that I really like at my school.  They sell coffee and hot chocolate every morning from 7:00 to 8:00.  I recently started buying hot chocolate every morning.  This morning, a very special teacher, put whipped cream on my hot chocolate.  That made my day!

They have these really cool Bruin cups that they sell.  The have really awesome lids.  I don’t know what they are made of.  If anyone wants one, I am happy to support my school and buy one.  I’m going to use mine for my hot chocolate everyday.

The students learn how to count money and make change.  And I get a great cup of hot chocolate.

Welcome to my world!

crowded hallHi.  I am a freshman at a very large high school and I am in a power wheelchair that I drive with my head.  My high school has over 3500 students and I am going to write about my life and what goes on in this school.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy, but I don’t let it get me down.  I use the power chair to get around and an iPad to help with my classes.  I take science, math, english, US history, Foods and Nutrition (love to eat and cook), and am in the band (I play maracas).

During the school day, I have two wonderful aids, Sarah and Tessla who help me with my day.  They do everything from getting stuff out of my backpack to helping me eat and typing on my iPad.  My hands and arms don’t work so well.   I am excited that I might be able to use my iPad more independently soon.  They are coming out with technology that will let me scan and use my head switch to select apps, letters, etc.  I will be trying this soon, so more on this later.

There have been many therapies, treatments and surgeries in my life that I will tell you about sometime.  I have met many awesome people because of these.

That’s a little bit about me.  Have a great weekend and we will talk again soon.